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It’s only in the last few years that Sissy Charlotte has begun to surrender to his inner sissy slut. Although he’s always been cursed with a tiny little penis and has never been cut out to make it as a man, he has always tried to repress his need to dress up as a girl and prance around in lingerie. So, he’s done his best to be ‘one of the lads’ and to live his life like a big butch bloke, but the truth is he cannot live a lie anymore - and he now needs training as a full-time sissy slut.


Sissy Charlotte is badly in need of a strict mummy or daddy who can help him fulfil his female desires. He needs to be forced to dress in lingerie and pink frilly dresses, then trained to swallow dildos and to please real men. He is very shy by nature and is very nervous about any of his friends and family discovering what a little girlie pansy he is, so he might need a little encouragement - and maybe even some discipline - in order to turn him into the limp-dicked sissy bimbo he so badly needs to be. But for the Mistress or Master who makes the effort, a loyal and obedient sissy awaits - one who’ll do absolutely anything to please!



Then email cfox8514@gmail.com.


Sissy Charlotte takes bathroom mirror selfie with tiny limp cock on show


Small-dicked sissy Charlotte has been fighting his FEMININE URGES for years, but deep down in his heart he knows he completely and utterly FAILS AS A MAN - and has no choice but to accept his true purpose as a filthy SISSY SLUT!

Sissy Charlotte in red fishnet body stocking
Exposed sissy Charlotte
Nervous sissy slut Charlotte exposed
Sissy slut in red fishnets