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Exposure addict Sasha wants the whole word to see him dressed in his shamefully revealing French maid uniform, because this total spunk addict is desperate for attention from well-hung men who can feed him their dicks. He doesn’t even care if his sordid images get seen by his friends and family - or if he becomes known as one of the most tragically feminine and cock-hungry faggots there has ever been. No, he is way beyond caring about any of that - because his lust for dick and spunk is beyond control!


So, please assist this sissy whore in his endless quest for rock-hard cock by sharing his details all over the Internet and letting everyone know the truth about his shameful sissy ways! He is only ever happy when he’s dressed in lacy lingerie and feeling a rigid manhood sliding into his mouth or anal hole, so he needs all real men to know that he is always available as a dumping ground for their creamy spunk. And he promises to act all pretty and girlie for any man who uses him - and to satisfy his every desire...



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