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Sissy Robert will be in for something of a shock if he spots his pictures here on this website. He has no idea that his Mistress has asked us to expose him as the dirty sissy slut that he is, nor that Mistress has told us lots of intimate and humiliating things about him. For example, he hasn’t got a clue that we know he used to steal women’s bras and knickers from washing lines, then take them home for filthy sissy wanking sessions in front of the mirror. But that’s only half the story - because apparently the dirty little bitch used to put them back after spunking in them. And can you imagine anything worse than that for the women who owned them? Taking their knickers down from the line and finding them drenched in sissy spunk?


Yes, he’s a filthy little bugger is Sissy Robert, which is why his Mistress now insists he keeps his cock locked away in a chastity cage. It’s the only way she can stop him from getting over-excited while dressed in ladies clothing - and the only way she can make sure Robert’s female neighbours are safe to put their knickers out on the washing line to dry.



Then email robertgoldsmith848@gmail.com.


Locked sissy Robert
Caged sissy Robert from Cheshire
Limp-dicked sissy Robert in schoolgirl uniform
Sissy Robert in pink frock
Sissy Robert dressed as Alice in Wonderland