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Sissy Joanne likes to describes himself as a ‘transvestite for your pleasure’. That means he likes to transform his masculine body by shaving off his body hair and putting on pretty make-up, after which he’ll paint his fingernails, place breasts forms into a lacy bra, sheathe his pathetic cock in a pretty pair of knickers and squeeze into a slinky dress. There is nothing Sissy Joanne adores more than removing all visible traces of his masculinity; and he will always wear a feminine wig and high heel shoes to finish off his head-to-toe transformation. But something else is needed to complete the total destruction of his already failed masculinity. And what Joanne needs is a masculine boyfriend with a big hard cock that he can honour and pleasure.


Yes, sissy slut that he is, Joanne longs for a ‘real man’ boyfriend, but he would also love to be the feminine lover of a well-hung transvestite who likes to take the leading role in the bedroom. You see, Sissy Joanne isn’t capable of playing the dominant role between the sheets, as years of prancing around in girlie clothing have worn away too much testosterone and manliness. And all that remains now is a soft and delicate pansy of a man who fantasises day and night about having what little remains of his manhood fully crushed to nothing by the man or dominant T-girl of his dreams.



Then email transvestite4pleasure@yahoo.co.uk.

Sissy cross-dresser needs a real man lover
Cross-dressing sissy in black lingerie
Midlands sissy slut
Sissy in classy dress




This fully grown man loves to FEMINISE HIS BODY with girlie dresses and stockings, but it’s only by submitting to a HUNG MALE LOVER that his last few traces of masculinity will be DESTROYED FOREVER!

Glam sissy in white frock and stilettos
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