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Oh dear! Poor Phillip didn’t quite turn out be the big, strapping guy we’d all hoped he would be. Instead, this total failure of a man started cross-dressing during his teenage years and, sadly, it wasn’t just a shameful sissy phase that he was going through thanks to puberty. Because years and years later, he still loves dolling himself up in skirts, dresses and high heel shoes - and he even likes sticking his useless manhood in a chastity cage, which frankly is where it belongs!


Phillip is a total obsessive when it comes to feminisation. He spends hours on the Internet looking at shemale, sissy and forced feminisation porn sites; and he dreams of being sold as a sissy sex slave and to be feminized beyond recognition. He also dreams of a feminisation clinic where he’d be brainwashed through hypnosis and turned into a sissy prostitute by a dominant Master who would whore him out for anyone to use.


None of Phillip’s close friends and family know this, though. They only know Phillip, the man, rather than the cocksucking sissy slut Zoe he truly is. But that must change. Please, spread the word...



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The WHOLE WORLD needs to know it!


PHILLIP TURNER of MICHIGAN is a sissy slut.


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