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The city of Newcastle is well-known for it’s hard-drinking, football-loving, women-chasing lads, but not all Geordies are cut out to be real men. As Karen explains: “I've been a sissy from birth and my earliest memory is stealing my mum’s tights and knickers, putting them on and then sitting on the toilet to wee.”


This early fascination with dressing in girlie undies is something that still lingers for Karen to this day; and she loves being seen in public wearing sexy outfits that show the world what a sissy she is. She says: “I love wearing short flared skirts that blow up in the wind to show my sexy, little knickers to everyone. And I always wear my short skirts with high heels and stockings to please and tease any big strong men I meet.”


This desire to be seen parading around like a slut is not uncommon among sissy males, as is the desire to please and pleasure proper masculine men. And Karen’s ultimate fantasy proves that point, since she dreams of being sent to a sissy correctional centre and retrained to serve muscular studs. She says: “I would practice my blowjob homework every night so I would come first in my oral class, because every year the top sissy cocksucker would be rewarded with a full sex change. And then I could live full-time as the girlie sissy slut I truly am!”

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Sissy Karen