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Sissy Bimbo Rosetta is a classic example of the failed white man. He was never big, butch or hung enough to please a woman in the bedroom; and so he quickly understood that his true reason for existing was to serve and worship hung black men. For that reason, he loves to dress in sissy maid uniform, stockings, panties, skirts and slutty high high shoes; and he dreams of being a black-owned sissy living as a full-time maid and sex slave in the household of a black Master and Mistress.


As well as serving his black Master and Mistress, Sissy Rosetta also fantasises about made to walk the streets in a tight pink dress, sheer stockings and stilettos. He would willingly sell his body on the streets to any hung black man who wanted his huge cock sucked; and he would gladly drop his panties and give up his arsehole in order to earn money for his black daddy pimp. Because Sissy Rosetta knows his place - and will do anything to keep his black Master happy! He has absolutely no sense of manhood or masculinity left in his smoothly-shaven puny body; and is utterly shameless in his desperate desire to live the rest of his life as a sissy sex toy.


Sorry, sissy Rosetta - you have failed as a man!



Then email rosetta.swallow@gmail.com or follow @sissybimbofotze on Twitter.




This SISSY WHITE FAGGOT knows he’s too gay and white to ever be a real man, so he dreams of being a BLACK-OWNED WHORE who is made to walk the streets and pleasure HUNG BLACK STUDS.