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Sissy Bitch Amy has managed to keep his sissy nature a secret so far, but his lust for dick is getting the better of him - and so he’s begged us to post his pictures on this page. He knows he is taking a major risk - and that his masculine life will be destroyed forever if his friends and family ever learn the shameful truth about him. But he’s just so desperate to find a well-hung Master that he’s willing to take that major risk.


Sissy Bitch Amy first started wearing panties and lingerie in his late teens, since when he’s started to experiment with nipple clamps, bondage and using O-rings to develop his blowjob technique. His ultimate fantasy is to be forced to live full-time as a sissy by a dominant man or a dominant woman who will turn him into a sissy maid or use him as a full-time sex slave - or perhaps even pimp him out on the streets and force him to suck the cocks of real men in order to earn his keep.


So, who out there needs a willing and pliable sissy bitch who will do absolutely anything to please a dominant lady or a hunky stud?



Then email pinksissyamy@gmail.com.


Closet sissy Amy wearing O-ring for blowjob training
Sissy bitch Amy takes a humiliating selfie
Tragic sissy slut Amy wears O-ring and pink collar
Sissy Amy in fishnet tights
Yorkshire sissy Amy exposed



You can tell when a sissy has lost all SENSE OF SHAME because he suddenly starts begging to have his SISSY PICTURES exposed all over the Internet. Yes, even the most pathetic ones where he’s wearing an O-ring and looking DESPERATE FOR DICK!


Sissy Bitch Amy is back in the closet for now...


But we’re sure he will return...


There is no escaping one’s true sissy nature...


Once a sissy, then always a sissy...