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Catrin is one of the many sissies who began by raiding his mother’s wardrobe for pairs of tights. He just loved encasing his legs in pantyhose and quickly developed a passion for female clothing, which got worse when he started comprehensive school and fell in love with his female classmates’ uniforms. But luckily for him, he had a younger sister whose uniform he was able to ‘borrow’ on the sly - and he’d parade around his bedroom longing to attend school dressed that way, forever dreaming of being a girl.


And did he grow out of this odd fascination with girliness? Er, no! As Catrin got older, he started reading kink mags and discovered the world of the sissy maid. He says: ‘I knew straightaway that I wanted to be one; and  eventually I plucked up the courage to visit a Mistress who forced me outdoors and instilled in me a love of public exposure. I just love being seen outside in my favourite outfits, which are  nearly always maids’ outfits - the frillier the better!’


And what does his girlfriend (believe it or not, he has one) think about all this.  He says: ‘She knows I’m a sissy and has confided in a friend of hers.’ And he’s even told an old school friend, too. Some sissies have no sense of shame!



Email him/her at catrintv@yahoo.com.





Real men like to be thought of as hunks, studs or SEXUAL DEMONS, but Catrin says that ‘SISSY, PANSY, FAGGOT AND PUFF are all terms I use to describe myself.’


His girlfriend shouldn’t put up with this!