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The last thing you expect when you marry what seems to be a normal man is that he’ll start sneaking off for makeover sessions where he gets transformed into a sissy princess, a slutty French maid or a latex slut. But Jeff - or Jeri Lee, as he prefers to be known - has been a limp-wristed pansy ever since the days when he used to steal his mother’s bras and knickers; and despite now being a 42-year-old married man, he still cannot resist the thrill of being tarted up like a pretty girl.


And it’s probably grounds for divorce already, but you just wait till you hear what else this mincing faggot dreams about. He tells us: ‘I always fantasise about being the woman whenever I watch a porno film and I have this never-ending and desperate desire to be a total slut for proper men. I would also love to be kidnapped and taken to a sissification facility where I’d be sedated and transformed into a big-titted sissy fuck doll. Then I’d be forced to work in a brothel sucking dicks, being fucked up the arse or even being pissed on till I’d paid off the debt for my transformation.’



Then email jerilee42@outlook.com or follow @jerilee42 on Twitter.

Married man Jeff transformed into mincing sissy faggot
Cross-dressing maid Jeri Lee dusting in uniform
Gay sissy slut Jeri Lee




If you live in Portsmouth and have a mate called Jeff, then I’m afraid this is what the MINCING FAGGOT looks like in his spare time. And if you live in Portsmouth and are married to a man called Jeff, then your husband is a FAIRY SLUT who longs to swallow REAL MEN’S DICKS.

Failed husband Jeri Lee in pink sissy dress
Married man transforms into transvestite maid