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Being babysat by his older female cousins has had long lasting effects on Callum Muir. They used to dress him up in female clothing, but it was only meant to be just a little bit of fun - and yet it ended up turning him into a desperate sissy cock-whore who cannot keep out of female clothes. There was just something about wearing dresses and lovely lacy bits of underwear that felt so right and irresistible to Callum - and soon he was dressing up all on his own and changing his name to Sissy Kayleigh.


And what a slut Sissy Kayleigh has turned out to be - a truly devoted cock-slut with a lust for serving dominant men and powerful ladies! Kayleigh says: “My style is very much ‘all fur coat and no knickers’ with lots of heavy make-up and proper bright red blowjob lips - and my passion is for serving alpha-male tops or female dommes in whatever way they wish to be served. And I will do absolutely anything to please my superiors, no matter how humiliating or sexually deviant it might be, so please get in touch if you’d like to make use of a sissy slut who craves total control.”



Then email kayleighcd26@yahoo.co.uk.


Mincing sissy Kayleigh with cock in hand
Tranny slut Kayleigh Stone in glossy fur coat
Sissy Kayleigh in pink dress
Pink latex sissy maid
Exposed sissy Callum alias Kayleigh Stone