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There has always been a sissy lurking around somewhere deep inside Jeffrey Rossman, but it was only late in his adult life that he finally surrendered to his sissy desires. The key moment was when he used a tube of Nair to remove all the manly hair from his body and legs. He was amazed how feminine he looked clean-shaven, so he immediately went out to buy himself some bras, panties, stockings and skirts. He admits: ‘I was very nervous as I could see women staring as I was picking out my panties and bras - and I was even more nervous at the sales register cos I could see the cashier smirking as she rang up my purchases.’


Oh, it was a humiliating experience, for sure, but one that Jeffrey was willing to endure, because he was starting to realise he wanted sex with men - and he wanted to look pretty for his first male lover. And that very first meet happened not long after, with Jeffrey - now called Leah - sucking the spunk from a rigid dick in a hotel room. And as he swallowed that first jet of spunk he knew his life was changed forever - and that he was, in his own words, ‘a homosexual sissy faggot who loves shaving his legs, dressing as a girl and being in bed with men’.



Then email sissyleahrossman@mail.com.


Limp-wristed faggot Jeffrey in frilly sissy frock
Transvestite Jeffrey Rossman cross-dressing in white nightwear
Mincing faggot Jeffrey Rossman transformed into Sissy Leah
Sissy Leah in white bra and panties


Limp-wristed fairy SISSY LEAH has already had his first meet with a man - and like all good sissies, he swallowed every inch of his manly lover’s THROBBING DICK and kept on sucking right up till the moment when it filled his mouth with CREAMY SPUNK.