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Sissy Simone is a married man, but he is incapable of fulfilling his marital duties. His useless dick can’t stay hard enough for long enough to give his wife the hard sex she craves, so she is forced to cheat on him with better hung, more masculine men while he sits watching in lingerie. He has a particular fondness for tight white panties, which cling to the bars of his limp caged cock - and of course, his wife is the owner of the key to that cage. After all, it is only fair that it’s his wife who should decide if her failure of a hubby should ever be allowed to climax again. (Although, frankly, in her place, we would fit his clit with an extra-tight cage and permanently throw away the key).


Sissy Simone has a filthy fantasy that he is shameless enough to want to share on this page, even though it makes it abundantly clear just how much of a limp-dicked loser he is! He confesses: “My ultimate thrill is watching my wife wanking off a group of well-hung heavy cummers and getting them to spunk their loads into a glass. Then I love it when she forces me to drink down every last drop of the cum from the guys she’s jerked off. Because I love the taste of real men’s spunk!”



Tough luck, I’m afraid! He is far too scared to give out his email


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Married sissy simone in white lingerie
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