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It was always Sissy Vikki’s wish to be a big strong man who could drive a woman wild in bed, but he is cursed to live with one of the world’s smallest penises and so women just laugh if he asks them for sex. His useless little clitty only measures a tragic 3¼-inches long when fully erect - and so it looks ridiculous in boxer shorts and seems more much right in pretty women’s panties.


Ah, poor Vikki! Unable to fulfil his dream of being a normal man, he has been forced to transform into a cross-dressing slut - and he now spends all his free time secretly dressing up in slutty outfits and dreaming of sucking the cocks of real men. You see, he knows it is his duty as a tiny-dicked masculine failure to serve as a sex doll for all properly masculine and well-hung men. His sissy mouth and sissy arsehole are free for them to use as they wish! He is nothing more than a cum-dump now - and is always desperate for more fresh spunk!



Then email vikkislut@gmail.com or follow @VikkislutSlut on Twitter.


Sissy Vikki from Poland
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Mincing sissy slut Vikki
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Sissy Vikki spreads her legs to expose caged clit