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This sorry excuse of a male first realised he was a sissy during his teens, but it wasn’t until he was in his 30s that his feminisation took a dramatic turn. He explains: ‘I started taking female hormones to shrink my sissy clit; and those hormones worked wonders and my sissy clit is now less than an inch long.’ And having shrunk his cock to a more feminine size, he then locked it in chastity and threw away the key.  


Maid Tinkerbells’s favourite things to wear are frilly knickers, tutus and his beloved French Maid uniform. Basically, he loves anything frilly, flouncy, silky and girlie; and once dressed in his female attire, he loves to fantasise about being humiliated and laughed at by dominant women. And what’s not to laugh at? I mean, just look at him standing there with his pathetic, limp clitty poking out from under his sissy girl tutu. What a complete and utter pansy he looks! And what a complete and utter failure of a man!


Yes, there’s no doubt that Maid Tinkerbell would be a source of a hilarity to any women who saw him; but we’re sure there are a few well-hung men who, rather than laughing at him, would want to use and abuse his sissy holes. And just by the look of him, we’re guessing Maid Tinkerbell would make an excellent cocksucker and anal whore. What do you think?



Email maid.tinkerbell@gmail.com.


At less than ONE-INCHES LONG, this sissy’s tiny penis is utterly useless. He would never be able to PLEASURE A WOMAN, so we think he should be forced to use his sissy holes to PLEASURE A MAN instead!